By Tulasi Ram Ponaganti

Keras is the high-level API of TensorFlow 2.0: an approachable, highly-productive interface for solving machine learning problems, with a focus on modern deep learning. It provides essential abstractions and building blocks for developing and shipping machine learning solutions with high iteration velocity.

Keras empowers engineers and researchers to take full advantage of the scalability and cross-platform capabilities of TensorFlow 2.0: you can run Keras on TPU or on large clusters of GPUs, and you can export your Keras models to run in the browser or on a mobile device.

The core data structures of Keras are…

by Tulasi ram Ponaganti

Collecting tweets using twint and Analyzing tweets for detecting depression

It is a magic tool for scraping and fetching the data from Twitter based on the desired keywords in a few lines of code to execute in any terminal. In addition, I used python packages such as Tensorflow, matplotlib, NLTK, WordCloud, Gensim……etc.

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by Tulasi Ram Ponaganti

My Research at the Volvo group as a data Scientist Intern challenged my skills and knowledge to get them to the same platform and bring up new ideas that showed a real impact on different views to achieve the goal.

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Major Tasks

Packages and Tools Used :

Gensim,Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, TSNE, Word2vec, Fasttext

Azure DataBricks, Jupyter IdE, Atlassian Jira, Azure Datalake.

How Organizations data will be in the real world business:

Most of the data in the world are unstructured data form because, in human communication, message transmission happens in words, not in a table or other structured data format. …

by TulasiRam Ponaganti

Why Is Machine Learning So Popular Nowadays?

It is probably worth knowing that machine learning is not a new concept. You might have heard the buzzwords artificial intelligence/deep learning/machine learning/big data/data scientist in the near past and possibly more recently.

Machine learning’s growing popularity is primarily due to an increase in data availability and advancements in technology. Faster machines and smarter algorithms are implemented daily. Subsequently, cloud computing is introduced where we can load a large quantity of data. The amount of data stored in the servers is growing at an exponential rate. …


Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist/Data Analyst

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